Appearing Thursday on CNN's New Day, Christian celebrity and possible 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested that the media was biased against Christians.

During an appearance last month, Carson was asked if being gay was a choice.

“Absolutely,” Carson answered. “Because a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay.”

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He later apologized for the remark and vowed to stop talking about gay rights, angering social conservatives in the process.

“You say you don't want to talk about gay issues anymore, that the liberal media brings it up only when you're getting momentum, which I think is unfair in the situation [of] the interview we did. But that's a very important issue to the development of the American culture. You couldn't duck it as president, could you?” host Chris Cuomo asked.

Carson answered that he did not find the topic “interesting.”

“I think it's a personal issue. And we ought to leave it as a personal issue. I respect the LGT community. I respect the traditional marriage community. I think that's enough to be said about it,” Carson said.

Cuomo pressed ahead, saying that so-called religious freedom bills were a response to court decisions striking down state bans on gay marriage.

“You know what I would like to see?” Carson rhetorically asked. “I would like to see as much emphasis on the rights of Christians … as there is to some of the other groups. … I would like to see a much greater conversation about Christians and their rights. Why are we not talking about that?”

“We are right now. The LGBT community gets far less legal protection under the Constitution, as you know ...”

“No. Not as I know,” Carson interrupted.

“How do you not know that?” Cuomo asked.

Carson went on to suggest CNN run an hour-long program with Christian leaders and “some other groups” to “talk about it,” rather than “just make statements.”