Elton John and Michael Stipe, lead singer of the rock band REM, are calling for greater protections for transgender inmates following reports that a transgender woman faced mistreatment at a Georgia prison.

“Transgender women in male prisons have an equal right to protection from violence and abuse in prison, and yet they continue to face horrific injustices,” the singers said in a statement.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a lawsuit against Georgia Department of Correction officials on behalf of Ashley Diamond, a 36-year-old transgender woman.

According to the lawsuit, officials refused to provide Diamond with hormone treatment for three years. Diamond also claims that she had been sexually assaulted in prison.

“More often than not, assaults in part go unreported because the perpetrators are prison guards, wardens and staff,” John and Stipe said. “This is outrageous, and the message it sends is horrific: that violence against and discrimination of trans people is not only allowed, but sanctioned.”

The Justice Department announced last week that prison officials cannot treat an inmate's gender identity condition different than they would treat any other medical or mental health condition.