Indiana native Tavis Smiley has called Indiana's so-called religious freedom law “embarrassing.”

Critics argued that the law could open the door to discrimination against gay men and lesbians. A backlash led Republican Governor Mike Pence to ask lawmakers to “fix” the law by adding LGBT protections.

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During an appearance on PoliticKING with Larry King, Smiley, the host of Tavis Smiley and The Tavis Smiley Show, said that he immediately condemned the law.

“I grew up in Indiana, went to Indiana University, and I tweeted almost immediately, this is embarrassing to my home state of Indiana. I'm glad that the conversation that ensued forced the hand of the governor of Indiana, and for that matter, the governor of Arkansas. There is no freedom of religion or religious expression that can allow the kind of discrimination that we saw that this law allowed to take place. I'm glad that they finally got it figured out,” Smiley said.

“Did it surprise you that it was Indiana?” King asked.

“Didn't surprise me that it came out of that legislature in Indiana. They've done some crazy things,” he answered. “I was surprised in the sense that Mike Pence … was on peoples' lists of a presidential candidate. I mean, that's not going to happen now.”

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