American Idol alum David Archuleta has apologized for a tweet viewed by many as anti-gay.

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old Archuleta quoted Boyd K. Packer, a leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), from his Saturday speech at the church's 185th annual General Conference.

“Romantic love is incomplete,” he messaged over the weekend. “It is a prelude. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of love ...”

“...expressed between a man and a woman in marriage. #PresPacker.”

The Mormon church believes all sex outside of marriage is sin and does not support marriage equality. It played a big role in lobbying for passage of California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, which has since been struck down.

“I apologize if I have offended anyone with the quote I sent out Saturday,” Archuleta said in a statement on his website. “I guess I didn't think about the line 'expressed between a man and a woman in marriage' being stressed when the whole quote didn't fit in just 1 tweet. I am sorry my intentions were misunderstood, as my main focus was that too often romance is looked at as the end-all when there is so much more. The bonds that can be there within a family and raising kids, as that is the most valuable thing I have: my family. I do hope however, that whoever may have been offended may know I respect everyone's freedom to believe and live as they choose. I hope others can respect what I value most in my life as well. Again, I'm sorry and please forgive me if I offended you. David.”

In 2014, Archuleta completed a two-year Mormon mission in Chile.