Out singer Boy George says he would perform in Indiana despite the state's so-called religious freedom law.

Republican Governor Mike Pence on Thursday signed an updated version of the bill that includes LGBT protections. A week earlier, Pence's signature unleashed a wave of criticism from business leaders and LGBT rights groups concerned that the bill targeted the LGBT community.

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During an appearance on Larry King Now, host Larry King asked Boy George to weigh in on the controversy.

“Well there are things around the world, there's a thing at the moment in Ireland, which is a similar thing,” he answered. “It's kinda old fashioned. You know, it's like, move on. It's so crazy.”

“If you were scheduled to perform in Indiana, would you not perform?” King asked.

“It's important to bring your music to the people that love you. So, if you're depriving the little gay boys and girls of Indiana of your music, then that's probably not a good thing to do.”