A fundraising campaign has raised more than $500,000 for an Indiana pizzeria that vowed not to cater gay weddings.

Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza in Walkerton told The Blaze that her restaurant was forced to close its doors after a local station aired her comments in support of a so-called religious freedom bill that critics argue would allow businesses to refuse service to gay men and lesbians.

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“We are a Christian establishment,” O'Connor said. “If a gay couple is to come in. Like say they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding. We would have to say no.”

“We're not discriminating against anyone, that's just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything,” she added.

Kevin O'Connor, Crystal's father, added: “That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

Crystal O'Connor spoke via phone with The Blaze's Dana Loesch.

“The news took it totally out of proportion,” she said. “They lied about it.”

“It's 2015, I can't believe that we would be dealing with such persecution like this just because someone says they want to stand up for a tenet of their faith,” Loesch said. “God bless you for being fearless and for standing up for your faith.”

The Blaze set up the GoFundMe.com campaign “to help the family stave off the burdensome cost of having the media parked out front, activists tearing them down, and no customers coming in.”