Singer Josh Groban says he's not bothered by rumors he might be gay.

In an interview with Michigan's PrideSource, Groban, 34, said that if he were gay, he wouldn't hide it.

“Honestly, if I were gay, I would have had no problem saying it from day one,” Groban said. “I would have nothing to hide if that were the case.”

“People have speculated, have wanted to speculate – whatever, fine. I'm not gay, but if I were, I don't view it as a bad thing. If I were, I'd say, 'OK, fine, speculate all you want and let's talk about it.'”

Groban added he grew up in an “accept and be accepted” environment.

“I don't see why [gay rumors are] like, 'Ohhh,'” he added. “Like that would be an insult. I don't get that.”