Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson says gay men should simply leave their boyfriends and husbands and marry a woman.

Last year, cabler A&E briefly suspended Robertson for saying that gay sex was an illogical “sin” and putting it in the same category as bestiality and promiscuity.

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Robertson gave his advice during a prayer breakfast appearance in Vero Beach, Florida.

After telling men who are “shacked up” with their girlfriends to repent by getting married, Robertson turned to gay men.

“'Well, right now I have this homosexual relationship. What should I do?'” Roberson rhetorically asked. “Call the dude, find you a woman and marry her. You're good to go. Come to Jesus. All your past sins will be removed. You're not in a trap you can't get out of. Come on!”

“It's called repenting,” he added.