Pastor Wanda Rolon, a self-appointed apostle and influential social conservative in Puerto Rico, has criticized the government's decision to no longer defend its gay marriage ban in court.

The decision paves the way for Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, to legalize gay nuptials.

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Rolon, who helms the megachurch First Christian Church of La Senada Antigua in northern Puerto Rico, said it was “a grim day for the history of Puerto Rico” and accused the government of “rebelling against God.”

“[B]ut the Lord has not lost a single battle. Keep praying,” she said.

In 2011, Rolon made headlines when she blasted out singer Ricky Martin's sexuality.

“This weekend Puerto Rico will receive a man who God rescued from hell,” Rolon wrote, referring to evangelist Nicky Cruz. “On the other hand, there is another one who wants to take people to hell! RM is its ambassador.”

Rolon deleted the post and denied she was homophobic in a second post: “I never promoted hatred, but the love of Christ. ... God calls us as only man and woman because it was how He created us.”