Dr. Richard Schock, the father of Republican Illinois Representative Aaron Schock, on Wednesday told media that his son is not gay.

Schock, 33, resigned in a statement Tuesday amid questions about his use of federal funds. Rumors that Schock might be gay have swirled for years, fueled largely by his own Instagram account which he mysteriously moved to private last year.

The elder Schock discussed his son's resignation in a lengthy interview with Chicago ABC affiliate WLS.

“What do you think this is really about?” the interviewer asked.

“What this is really about is that Aaron has been very successful. Aaron is a very hard worker. Aaron is very popular. Aaron is a little different,” the father said.

“He wears stylish clothing and yet he's not gay. And he's not married and he's not running around with women. So, everybody's throwing up their arms; they can't figure out Aaron. So, he must be crooked.”

The elder Schock added that “they're making issues out of things that really shouldn't be issues” and predicted success for his son “if he's not in jail.”