A lesbian couple is among the four couples appearing on the second season of Bravo's Newlyweds: The First Year, which premiered Tuesday.

The reality series documents the lives of recently married couples.

Laura Leigh Abby and Samantha Abby dated seven years before marrying.

“We met in 2004 at Emerson College,” Laura told EOnline.com. “We actually met during a rush event for our sorority. I was a sister and Sam was pledging and everything started from there. Eventually, a relationship blossomed.”

In their first year of marriage, Laura and Samantha will explore having a child, deal with a large inheritance and face career issues.

“You can never be sure how people can interpret what they're seeing,” Laura said. “People have a lot of misconceptions about what a gay couple looks like. But when they watch, they'll realize every couple – gay or straight – we fight about the same stuff you fight about. We have a pretty normal relationship just like everyone else. We wanted to show that transparency.”

The show's first season featured Jeff Pedersen and Blair Late, who entered a domestic partnership in Georgia after almost a year of dating.