Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore on Friday said that presidential candidates who don't oppose marriage equality should “not be considered.”

Moore, an outspoken opponent of marriage equality, attempted to block a federal judge's ruling declaring unconstitutional Alabama's ban on gay marriage by ordering probate judges to ignore the ruling. A majority of judges initially followed Moore's directions but most later reversed course. Moore has also said that he would not follow a Supreme Court order invalidating restrictive state marriage bans.

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The issue in Alabama became increasingly confusing last week when the Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges to stop issuing such licenses.

Appearing Friday at the Family Research Council's (FRC) Faith and Family Summit, Moore said that a Supreme Court ruling striking down bans would pave the way for the government to “take your children.”

“[T]hey're going to be taking your children simply by the same logic they're following,” he said. “They're going to define who your children can be and who they answer to. People will say, 'Oh, we couldn't go there.' Well, we're going somewhere else right now that we didn't think we would be going.”

Christians, Moore said, “need to stand up and do their duty to God” and fight gay rights.

“This is the most critical issue that faces this country,” Moore told FRC President Tony Perkins. “And I want to disagree a little bit with what I've heard about asking our presidential candidates [about marriage rights]. We should not have to ask them, Tony. If they haven't come up and said it, [then] they should not even be considered.”

If the Supreme Court invalidates such bans, “then we've ruined the definition of the family and we'll go to parent-and-child [marriage] next,” he added.