Christian conservative John Price, author of The End of America, last week encouraged Americans to flee to escape God's coming wrath over gay marriage.

On Rick Wiles' radio show, Price said that he moved to Costa Rica three years ago to follow God's call to “flee from the daughter of Babylon and not stay and participate in her sins and not be around when the nation is destroyed.”

Price predicted that the Supreme Court would strike down state bans on gay marriage in June, which would lead to legal challenges against the church, as prophesied by the Bible, he claimed.

“I honestly believe this is going to be the ruling that America crosses the line,” Wiles said.

“What would a human father do with a son or daughter that had been blessed, had been a fairly good child most of his or her life and then suddenly just goes off the rails and becomes evil, wicked, rebellious, defiant? What would that father do? He would strip away that child's blessings, and that's exactly what our heavenly father is going to do to the United State of America. We're about to get an old-fashioned paddling that is going to be extremely painful for this nation.”

“And for people who don't want to be paddled,” they should choose to “flee,” Price said.