Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court in support of plaintiffs challenging gay marriage bans in four states.

The nation's highest court will hear oral arguments in the case on April 28, with a ruling expected in June.

“'The Constitution created a government dedicated to equal justice under law.' That principle is not new,” Herring wrote in the 56-page brief. “What is new is this generation's recognition that that principle cannot be reconciled with governmental discrimination against gay people. Selecting a life-partner of the same gender is a 'choice [] the Constitution protects.' So too, the principle of equal justice under law prohibits States from denying to gay couples and their children 'the most important relation in life.'”

In comments to WAMU, Herring said that the court should not take a narrow view on the issue.

“What we are talking about here isn't just the right to same-sex marriage. It's the fundamental right to marriage,” he said.

Herring, a Democrat, also sided with two gay couples who successfully challenged Virginia's ban.