Brandon McInerney, 14, is scheduled to be arraigned this week in California. He is charged with the first-degree murder of Lawrence King. Newsweek's cover story about the gay teen's murder brings new details to light.

The newsweekly spent five months and interviewed several dozen people to bring together the most detailed account yet of Lawrence King's murder.

King was a 15-year-old boy attending Oxnard, California's E.O. Green Junior High School. He told friends and family he was gay, often wore makeup, once asked for a sex change operation, and often hit on boys. On February 12th, after asking McInerney to be his Valentine, he was shot twice in the head during his 8th grade English class. He survived the night, but died on Valentine's Day after being pronounced brain-dead.

While the Newsweek story does not question any of the facts in the murder, it does raise important questions. Such as, could King's murder have been prevented? Was King even really gay or just acting out? And are schools prepared to deal with such young children coming out?

According to Newsweek, King's murder was very much premeditated. One of King's girlfriends is quoted saying that McInerney had told her to say goodbye to King, because she would never see him again. At 8:30 a.m., during Mrs. Boldrin's English class, McInerney quietly stood up and shot King in the head. “Brandon, what the hell are you doing!” Boldrin screamed. McInerney fired a second shot at King, tossed the gun and walked off the campus. Police arrested him a few blocks from school.

King often used his supposed homosexuality (he had never even been kissed) to taunt boys. He would say in the hallways, “You look hot!” or “I know you want me.”

A couple of days before Valentine's Day, a group of King's girlfriends agreed to a game. They were each to ask the boy they liked to be their Valentine. King choose McInerney – whom it seems he genuinely liked. He interrupted McInerney as he played basketball and asked him to be his Valentine in front of his teammates, who naturally teased him about it.

McInerney, a latchkey kid, lived with his father who divorced his wife in 2000. The McInerney's marriage was troubled, marred with allegations of spousal violence and drug addiction.

The most troubling point of the Newsweek story is the accusation some have leveled against openly lesbian assistant principal Joy Epstein. King naturally gravitated towards her and the two would spend a lot of time talking. Some teachers claim she encouraged King's effeminate behavior and by discussing her girlfriend, she brought the subject of sex into school. McInerney's public defender William Quest called Epstein, “a lesbian vice principal with a political agenda.”

Lawrence King died on Valentine's Day, his heart donated to a 10-year-old girl. Brandon McInerney is facing the possibility of a prison sentence of 51 years to life.

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