Christian conservative Bryan Fischer says he wants every GOP presidential candidate to answer “the Ben Carson question”: Is being gay a choice?

Fischer spent two segments on his radio program devoted to Carson's comments on CNN's New Day.

“You think [people] have control over their sexuality?” host Chris Cuomo asked.

“Absolutely,” Carson answered. “Because a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay.”

Carson has set “the benchmark for the other Republican candidates,” Fischer told his listeners.

“I hope they ask Jeb Bush this question,” Fischer said. “And I hope they ask Rick Perry this question. I hope they ask Rand Paul this question. I hope they ask Mike Huckabee this question. I hope that they ask Scott Walker this question. I hope they ask Ted Cruz this question.”

“I want every single Republican candidate on record: Do you think that homosexual conduct is a choice? I want every GOP presidential candidate to be asked that question and to be put on record. Do you believe that homosexuality is a choice? What is your answer?”

Carson, however, has already apologized for the remark and vowed to stop talking about gay rights.