Out actor Daniel Franzese says he's “super in love” and having more sex than his Looking character.

Franzese, who is best known for playing Damian in the film Mean Girls, joined the cast of HBO's Looking in season 2 as Eddie, the HIV-positive love interest of Agustin (played by Frankie J. Alvarez).

Entertainment Tonight wanted to know who was having more sex: Franzese or Eddie.

“Me,” Franzese answered on the Paley Center for Media red carpet. “I'm super in love right now. I mean I had sex on the ride over here.”

Franzese is currently dating Joseph B. Phillips, a Los Angeles-based public relations representative.

Joining the show's cast on the Paley Center stage, Franzese pointed out that his character is currently TV's only HIV-positive character.

“It's a welcome return to show an HIV-positive person in this light,” Franzese said of Eddie being portrayed as living a healthy and happy life.