In reporting Thursday on some of Jeb Bush's hires for his 2016 presidential campaign, BuzzFeed News quoted a Republican supporter as saying that the former governor may be “evolving” on gay marriage.

According to the report, Bush's inner circle is stocked with advisers who are vocal supporters of LGBT rights.

Bush has hired David Kochel, who ran Mitt Romney's 2012 Iowa campaign, as his national campaign manager.

Kochel began vocalizing his support for marriage equality shortly after the 2012 election ended.

“When Bush officially launches his presidential bid later this year, he will likely do so with a campaign manager who has urged the Republican Party to adopt a pro-gay agenda; a chief strategist who signed a Supreme Court amicus brief arguing for marriage equality in California; a longtime adviser who once encouraged her minister to stick to his guns in preaching equality for same-sex couples; and a communications director who is openly gay,” BuzzFeed reported.

After Florida became the 37th state, in addition to the District of Columbia, where gay couples can marry, Bush reiterated his opposition to marriage equality but also called for “respect for the good people on all sides of the gay and lesbian marriage issue – including couples making lifetime commitments to each other.”

David Aufhauser, who recently co-hosted a fundraiser for Bush in Virginia, said of Bush: “His thinking [on marriage equality] appears to have evolved.”

Three additional Republicans said that “they came away with the impression that on the question of marriage equality, [Bush] was supportive at best and agnostic at worst,” BuzzFeed wrote.