A coalition of groups – including atheist and gay groups – rallied in Sydney, Australia against Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday. The NoToPope Coalition says Pope Benedict XVI's stand against homosexuality makes him “chief homophobe.” The group also believes the pope's views on abortion and contraception are unacceptable.

The pontiff was in Australia for World Youth Day and plans to hold a mass for pilgrims on Sunday.

After an hourlong rally at Taylor Square listening to speeches by activist, some 500 protesters followed a mock popemobile along the Mardi Gras parade route to Moore Park. A large banner near the head of the procession read “The pope is wrong, put a condom on.” Some demonstrators dressed as nuns, others as priests, many wore tshirts emblazoned with anti-pope slogans. One read “Bless me father for I am homo,” and another featured an image of the pope with the slogan “Chief homophobe.”

“The pope's relentless anti-gay doctrinal approach has seen him declare gay men and lesbians as moral threats to society. He campaigns to repeal same-sex marriage in countries who have adopted it and has banned gay priests,” said NoToPope Coalition spokesperson Kristian Bolwell in a statement.

The protesters also take offense to the pope's position on contraception. They believe his opposition to condoms has fueled an increasing HIV infection rate, especially in African countries. The coalition hopes to pass out 6000 condoms during the Catholic festival.

Earlier in the week, the coalition was facing a serious threat to their plans as a new ordinance banned anyone from “annoying” the pilgrims. However, a federal court agreed with the protesters' right to free speech, striking down the ban.

“We want to make it clear that we are not anti-religious, and we welcome the Catholic youth to our country,” coalition leader Rachel Evans told the Associated Press. “Our gripe is with Pope Benedict and the hierarchy of the church.”