A CNN/ORC poll released Thursday showed 63 percent of Americans support gay couples' constitutional right to marry.

According to the poll of 1,027 adults conducted February 12-15, 63 percent of Americans believe that gay couples have “a constitutional right to get married and have their marriage recognized by law as valid,” while 36 percent remain opposed. Seventy-two percent of adults under age 34 favor marriage equality.

A large majority (75%) of Democrats see marriage for gays as a constitutional right, while 42 percent of Republicans agree.

Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, said in a statement that the poll shows that America is ready for a Supreme Court ruling striking down state marriage bans.

“The American people are now as clear as the Constitution itself: it's time for the freedom to marry for all, leaving no one behind,” Wolfson said. “As same-sex couples can now marry in nearly three-fourths of the states, we've seen no pushback, no resistance, but rather, continued growing and widening support. The American people's recognition that not only is the freedom to marry right for all couples, but it is a constitutional right that should not be denied to gay people, should give comfort to the Supreme Court: America is ready for the freedom to marry. Americans would embrace the Supreme Court's affirming the freedom to marry for gay couples under the Constitution.”

Justices will hear a case challenging four state bans in April.