Out singer Sam Smith recently told the London Evening Standard that despite a recent relationship – and public breakup – he still feels like he hasn't had a “proper” boyfriend yet.

The 22-year-old Smith has previously said that his debut studio album In the Lonely Hour was inspired by unrequited love for a straight man.

“You broke my heart and now I've got four Grammys,” he said in accepting one of the awards.

“I've stopped falling for straight men now,” he told Evening Standard Magazine. “After the last one, there's no way it's going to happen to me again. The record was therapy, closure, it saved me.”

Smith also discussed his recent breakup with model Jonathan Zeizel, whom he dated over Christmas.

“Nothing dramatic happened,” he said. “I made a mistake by posting pictures of us on Instagram and making it seem more serious than it was. I flew him to Australia and we had a nice time. … We just weren't very compatible, but I've learned that I need to hold off before I start getting the public involved. … I would say it was a relationship, but I still feel like I haven't had a proper boyfriend yet.”