The Chilean government has agreed to drop its opposition to marriage rights for gay couples in a lawsuit filed with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Three gay couples who wish to marry filed the suit in 2012.

According to the Washington Blade, government officials met Tuesday with LGBT advocate the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation to finalize “an amicable settlement.”

The group said in a statement that the government had agreed to drop its opposition in the case.

The administration of former President Sebastian Pinera argued against the “new definition of marriage” in a brief filed in the case in 2013.

President Michelle Bachelet, who took office last year, endorsed marriage equality during her presidential campaign.

The group's lawyer, Hunter T. Carter, told the Blade “we have reached an agreement in principle.”

The Chilean Senate late last month gave final legislative approval to a gay-inclusive civil unions bill. While Bachelet's administration has pledged to back marriage legislation for gay couples, Carter said the lawsuit would continue.

“We're going to continue the fight,” he said. “We are not going to drop the case until marriage is enacted in Chile.”