Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Wednesday that Americans are prepared to accept a Supreme Court ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage.

“I think it's doubtful that it wouldn't be accepted,” Ginsburg told Bloomberg Business.

“The change in people's attitudes on that issue has been enormous,” she continued. “In recent years, people have said, 'This is the way I am.' And others looked around, and we discovered it's our next-door neighbor – we're very fond of them. Or it's our child's best friend, or even our child. I think that as more and more people came out and said that 'this is who I am,' the rest of us recognized that they are one of us.”

“There was a familiarity with people that didn't exist in the beginning when the race problem was on the front burner, because we lived in segregated communities and it was truly a we/they kind of thing. It's not so, I think, of the gay rights movement. So I think it would not take a large adjustment.”

The high court will hear cases challenging bans in four states in April, with a decision expected in June.