Deryl Paul Dedmon on Tuesday was given a 50 year prison sentence for the hate-crime murder of James Craig Anderson.

Two other men, John Aaron Rice, 21, and Dylan Wade Butler, 23, received shorter sentences for their participation in the murder, 18 and 7 years, respectively.

Dedmon, 22, and Rice beat up Anderson in a Jackson, Mississippi motel parking lot, prosecutors said. Dedmon killed the 49-year-old Anderson when he ran over his prone body.

The murder is the subject of the CNN special Mississippi Still Burning?

According to the report, Dedmon and a group of seven white teens in two vehicles set off from Brandon in search of a black man to “mess with.” The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera mounted at the corner of a motel.

Parents and students who knew Dedmon told CNN about his hatred not only for blacks, but also white people who had black friends and anyone he thought was gay.