Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a possible presidential candidate, has criticized President Barack Obama for his support of marriage equality.

The president endorsed civil unions for gay couples in 2008. In endorsing marriage for all couples in 2012, Obama said that he had “evolved” on the issue.

Appearing on CNN's New Day, Jindal was asked to weigh in on Alabama probate judges who are refusing to comply with a federal judge's rulings declaring the state's ban invalid.

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“Let's step back and remember how we got here,” Jindal responded. “Now remember there are a lot of politicians that have so-called evolved on this issue. Remember when President Obama first ran for office, he was for traditional marriage, saw the polls change, he changed his position. I'm not one of those politicians.”

“My faith teaches me that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

“I don't believe in discrimination against anybody. I'm not for changing the definition of marriage. And that's why I hope the Supreme Court decides not to overturn what the states have decided. In Louisiana, it's in our state constitution,” he added.

Jindal recently endorsed a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting marriage to heterosexual couples.