Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday claimed that gay people either were confused by magazines or were molested by an authority figure.

Robertson, an ardent opponent of gay rights, made his remarks during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

“I found a gay magazine in my son's room. What should I do?” a viewer named John asked.

“Well, I think you'll talk to him about sexuality,” Robertson answered. “The chances are your son is not gay, but somebody gave him a book about it.”

Robertson continued: “A lot of these so-called gay people have been either attacked or molested by some authority figure or else a magazine or something has confused them. You need to talk to him about what things are and who he is and what he is and let him grow up and find out. But don’t let him be exposed to a bunch of pornographic magazines, because a gay magazine is filled with naked pictures of naked men doing sex with each other, that’s what’s in there, so you don’t want him to read that stuff. Whether it’s men and women or men and men or women and women, it doesn’t matter, you don’t want him to be seeing that.”

In December, Robertson claimed that gays will die out “because they don't reproduce.”