Former NSync member Lance Bass will make history Thursday with the broadcast of his December wedding to Michael Turchin.

Bass and Turchin, an aspiring actor and model, married in Los Angeles, after getting engaged in New Orleans in September, 2013.

The wedding special, titled Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding, will make history as the first such special between two men when it airs Thursday on cable network E! The special follows Bass as he visits friends and family in Mississippi and features an NSync “mini reunion.”

“It does feel different for sure … the way people treat you is different,” Lance told about getting hitched. “They take you a lot more serious as a couple.”

Bass also weighed in on how he expects the Supreme Court will rule in an upcoming case challenging restrictive marriage bans in four states.

“I think the Supreme Court is going to get it right,” he said. “I'm very positive that they are going to decide we've got to legalize marriage for everyone. If you look at all the cases [challenging such bans], you can't be that ignorant – this is going to pass eventually.”

“Why are we spending so much money fighting it? Wasting so much tax money for something stupid like not letting someone love the person they want to love.”

“It can't be the land of the free – except if you're gay!” he added.

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