Nashville-based GracePointe megachurch recently announced that it will permit gays to marry and have their children dedicated.

Citing her church's acceptance of its LGBT members, country music artist Carrie Underwood roughly two-and-a-half years ago came out in support of marriage equality, saying that the non-denominational evangelical church that she and her husband Mike Fischer, a professional hockey player, attend is supportive.

“Our church is gay friendly,” she told the UK's The Independent. “Above all, God wanted us to love others. … It's not up to me to judge anybody.”

Underwood's comments led to the church being picketed by the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

At the time, however, GracePointe limited the involvement of LGBT people, excluding them from serving on the board and leading worship. Gay people could be baptized and receive communion, but they could not be married or have their children dedicated.

About the same time, the church began to hold a conversation with members about the policy.

On January 11, pastor Stan Mitchell announced that he had reached a decision.

“Our position that these siblings of ours, other than heterosexual, our position that these our siblings cannot have the full privileges of membership, but only partial membership, has changed,” he told his congregation. “Full privileges are extended now to you with the same expectations of faithfulness, sobriety, holiness, wholeness, fidelity, godliness, skill, and willingness. That is expected of all. Full membership means being able to serve in leadership and give all of your gifts and to receive all the sacraments; not only communion and baptism, but child dedication and marriage.”

Reaction, according to TIME, was mixed. Some in the audience jumped to their feet and applauded, while others sat quietly.

“If this stretches you to the point of having to compromise your soul, and you do need to separate, I would be a hypocrite to say I do not understand that, because conversely, my soul has been stretched to the point that if I do not say what I say today, I cannot be here any longer,” Mitchell said.

GracePointe is the second evangelical megachuch behind Eastlake Community Church in Seattle to fully accept LGBT members.

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Tennessee is one of 14 states where gay and lesbian couples are not allowed to marry.