An Argentinian swim school has blocked a lesbian mother from enrolling her daughter, claiming that their classes are for “traditional families.”

Andrea Rivera married her wife Sabrina in 2011, a year after Argentinian lawmakers approved a gay marriage law.

According to, Rivera was told by Patricia Cirigliano, the director of the First Swimming School for Babies Argentina in Belgrano, a northern neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, that students must be accompanied by their mothers for the first four classes and by their fathers for the following four classes.

“At this point I explained to her that Francesca has two moms,” Rivera said. “She kept quiet and asked me how could this be. I responded that she is the daughter of an equal marriage.”

“She told me that the classes were for traditional families. She explained that the problem is that the average water is similar to intrauterine and exposure would hurt my daughter.”

Rivera said that she threatened to file a discrimination complaint, to which Cirigliano responded: “Do what you want.”

Maria Rachid, a local lawmaker, has requested a meeting with the school, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday.

Rivera said that she wanted to hear what school officials have to say before filing a discrimination complaint against the school.