Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern has withdrawn a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person or group.

Kern said in a statement that she withdrew the bill because it did not accomplish what she intended.

“Across the country, business owners are being sued by individuals who are asking the owner to perform a service or provide a product that is contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs,” she said. “When these business owners have refused because of conscience, they were then sued having to face legal battles that resulted in their losing their business and even facing jail. I wanted a tort bill that limited damages between the business owner and the customer ensuring that the business owner would not lose their livelihood.”

Kern said that she would back similar bills introduced by colleagues.

“I will support the efforts of my colleagues who have introduced bills that do what I intended,” she said. “I will work with the governor, the speaker of the House and Senate pro tempore to protect the business interests of our state so that all our citizens who take the risk of opening a business can prosper and thrive.”

Other legislative proposals introduced by Kern include cutting off government funding for the licensing or support of gay couples' marriages and allowing parents to seek therapy to change an LGBT teen's sexuality without state interference.