Jack Falahee, who plays gay law student Connor Walsh on the ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder, says he's thrilled with the response to his character.

The legal drama returned from its winter break on Thursday.

Walsh picks up and beds Oliver (played by Conrad Ricamora), an informant for a murder case, in the show's pilot. In subsequent episodes, Connor and Oliver appear to be developing a relationship.

Walsh is openly gay, confident and sexually active, something that has previously not been seen on network television.

Billy Crystal, who played a gay character on Soap in the late 70s, recently alluded to Murder when he described some of today's gay television scenes as “pushing it.”

Falahee, 25, told gay male entertainment blog TheBacklot.com that gay people have thanked him for his portrayal of an honest gay character.

Response has been “really flattering,” he said. “I don't know, it's been sort of an out-of-body experience with so many people, especially young people coming up to me and saying, 'Thank you so much. It means so much to have a real, honest, truthfully depicted gay person on television that isn't a clown and isn't a caricature.' And I think that [out showrunner] Pete [Nowalk] just created someone who is just that and is multi-faceted and grounded and has flaws. That's rad. So any part I play in bringing that to life has been a wonderful experience. I'm glad that people are relating.”