Pastor James David Manning of the Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem, New York has defended his claim that Starbucks is flavoring drinks with the semen of gay men.

While Manning got the idea from a story fabricated by the fake news site, he has gone on to twist the story beyond recognition in a series of videos posted online, where he vowed that the satirical site's story is “the absolute truth.”

In one video, he claimed that he suspected Starbucks is getting the semen “from sodomites.”

“Somebody has discovered that semen, like cord blood, … flavors up the coffee,” he said. “And it makes you think that you're having a good time drinking that cup of latte with the semen in it.”

“I'm not making this up!” Manning screamed.

In a separate video, Manning described the semen as having a “synthetic quality” and warned women to avoid drinking Starbucks coffee because they might become pregnant.

And if you're drinking Starbucks, watch out if you're a woman, you might just get pregnant by drinking Starbucks, because it's got some pretty potent semen in that drink,” Manning said. “And you will go home and tell your husband you're pregnant. He said, 'but we haven't had sexual intercourse in years. Where did you get pregnant? Is it an immaculate conception?' No! It was one of Starbucks' lattes that impregnated you.”

In a recent The Young Turks appearance, Manning doubled down on his claims against Starbucks and also defended posting “Jesus would stone homos” on his church sign last year.

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Co-host Cenk Uygur asked, “[D]o you agree with the Taliban and ISIS when they stone people to death for things that are in their Scripture, including being gay?”

“Yes, I agree with them,” Manning answered.

Uygur found it curious that Manning described drinking semen as “having a good time.”

“A number of people think that semen tastes good,” Manning responded. “A number of people think that drinking semen is a good idea.”

“No, I don't think that myself personally. I'm just giving you the references of what other people say. You've got literally millions of people around the world that really think that the taste of semen has quite a flavor, and they seek it in the midst of other kinds of activities.”

When Uygur asked whether Manning had been tempted by homosexuality, he answered “absolutely,” then added, “I didn't yield to temptation, by the way.”