I Am Michael starring James Franco as “ex-gay” activist Michael Glatze premiered over the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and the reviews are surprisingly strong.

Glatze is the controversial publisher and former gay rights advocate who gained notoriety for publicly renouncing being gay.

Glatze and former boyfriend Benjie Nycum (played by out actor Zachary Quinto) in 2004 launched Young Gay America magazine (YGA Mag), a bimonthly magazine for LGBT youth which folded three years later. The pair, who met while working at XY magazine, also co-authored the book XY Survival Guide.

In 2005, Glatze was featured in Time magazine as a gay rights activist. Two years later, he publicly announced he no longer identified as gay and denounced homosexuality in two WND.com articles. In one article, he pledged to fight against gay rights.

Indiewire.com called Franco's performance “remarkably convincing.”

“While Quinto provides a devastating counterpoint to Glatze's changing agenda as the couple's relationship gradually falls apart, Franco essentially runs the show,” the film site wrote.

Quinto told The Salt Lake Tribune: “I like what the character that I play represents in the film, which is integrity and groundedness and authenticity and acceptance of who he is. And those are all qualities that I strive for in my own life, so I thought that those parallels were apt.”