A Colorado baker under investigation for refusing to write an anti-gay message on a cake reached a funding goal to cover legal expenses in one day.

Marjorie Silva, owner of Denver's Azucar Bakery, said that she agreed to sell a Bible-shaped cake to a man last year, but backed out when he asked for the cake to include hateful words about gays and an X over two grooms holding hands.

Silva said that the customer would not agree to her suggestion that he write the message on the cake himself.

Fox31 Denver identified the man as Bill Jack, a Christian educator who lives in Castle Rock. Jack filed a complaint with the state claiming that was the victim of discrimination.

“I believe I was discriminated against by the bakery based on my creed,” Jack said in a statement supplied to Fox31 Denver.

Silva turned to the crowd funding site GoFundMe.com for help in raising $5,000 to cover legal expenses.

“At the moment I never thought this story would get so big, just that I was doing the right thing,” Silva explained in her funding pitch. “For better or for worse the story has blown up and in order not to stick my foot in my mouth and say something that would get me in trouble, I have decided to seek legal advice.”

As of Saturday morning, 175 people have pledged $7,455, nearly $2,500 more than Silva had requested.