Possible Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently told televangelist Jim Bakker that gay rights opponents have allowed “ourselves to be called homophobic or bigoted, we're not.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, Huckabee once called homosexuality “an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle” and demanded that the government quarantine people who test positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

More recently, Huckabee criticized governors who “surrendered” to court rulings striking down gay marriage bans.

“The way that we've allowed words like tolerance, bigotry – what has happened to us, we allow ourselves to be called homophobic or bigoted, we're not,” Huckabee told Bakker in a segment promoting the former governor's latest book, God, Guns, Grit and Gravy.

“We are just people who believe that there is a standard that was not ours, it was God's, it was given to us and for us to change it we have to get his permission,” he added.

Bakker agreed: “We're not trying to outlaw anybody, we're not trying to cut back anybody, all we're saying is, we want to believe the word [of] the Bible that we believe to be the word of the living God.”