A non-denominational private school in Nashville, Tennessee has rejected two children because their parents are a married gay couple.

The parents, Brian Copeland, a Nashville real estate agent, and Greg Bullard, a pastor, shared a letter on Facebook from Davidson Academy canceling a planned visit to the school.

“Although Davidson Academy is not sponsored by or affiliated with any specific church or denomination, the school was founded by Christians and operates in the Christian tradition based upon clear tenets of faith and practice,” the letter from a top official states.

“Just as you believe strongly in affirming all persons who worship at your church, we believe strongly in a strict interpretation of the scriptures regarding the institution of marriage.”

“Another education provider would be a better fit for your children. Therefore, we cannot grant admission to your children,” the letter adds.

Copeland said in his post: “I share this to let my friends know that discrimination affects people you know and love and still hurts no mater how many times you go through it.”

Copeland said that he was initially told by officials that his children, a son and a daughter, would be welcome at the school.