A turn off for out actor Jonathan Groff, who is currently single, is a man who is not interested in marriage.

During an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, the 29-year-old Groff was asked by host Andy Cohen what he looks for in a man.

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“You just tell us if it's a Jonathan Groff turn on or turn off,” Cohen instructed.

“Do you like someone who's very hairy?”

“Turn on,” Groff answered.

“Sex on the first date?”


“What about someone who is only a power bottom?” Cohen asked.

“No, you gotta be versatile.”

“What about someone who dislikes your bestie Lea Michele?”

“Definitely a turn off.”

“Okay, what about a Broadway queen?”

“Borderline,” Groff responded.

“Someone who's in the closet?”

“Turn off.”


“Turn on.”

“Mama's boy?”

“Turn off.”

“Gym rat?”

“Turn off.”

“Someone who isn't interested in marriage?”

“Turn off.”

“Someone who orders for you in a restaurant?”

“Turn on.”

Groff, who is best known for playing Jesse St. James in the Fox musical-comedy Glee, currently stars as Patrick Murray in the HBO series Looking.