On Wednesday's episode of The 700 Club, host Pat Robertson smeared openly gay Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank (Democrat) by claiming he ran a prostitution ring in the early 90's.

During an interview with South Carolina Representative Jim DeMint (Republican) concerning his new book about the drowning of the moral voice by activists, titled Why We Whisper, Robertson said: “I remember, Barney Frank, who's now the head of an important committee in the United States House of Representatives, was caught running a group of male prostitutes out of his D.C. residence, and one of his colleagues had said, “Did you think that the Congressman Frank is immoral?” And they said, “Oh, no, no. What he's doing isn't immoral.” Well, I used to think homosexuality was immoral.”

According to media watchdog group Media Matters, Frank was completely exonerated from charges of running a prostitution ring out of his home by the House ethics committee in 1990.

“...the House ethics committee – which, at Frank's request, investigated the allegations made by Stephen Gobie that Gobie was running a prostitution ring out of Frank's house with Frank's knowledge – determined in 1990 that Frank “did not have either prior or concomitant knowledge of prostitution activities involving third parties alleged to have taken place in his apartment.” Moreover, the committee did not conclusively determine whether Gobie was even using Frank's apartment for “prostitution activities,” noting in its report that purported evidence offered by Gobie that he had been engaging in prostitution from Frank's apartment collapsed under scrutiny,” Media Matters reported.

DeMint agreed with Roberson by saying, “Well, the problem today is the government has said it's right, not only that it's right, but it's a constitutional right. And states like Massachusetts and now California are sending signals to the American people that what we've thought was wrong for years is now being given the status of marriage, which is our premiere institution in our whole society. So, a lot of what we do in the book, Pat, is research the causes and the cost of our culture decline, and as you pointed out, a lot of court decisions and legislative decisions by Congress have turned right and wrong upside down. But before the 60's, we knew abortion was wrong, and sex outside of marriage, and unwed births, and pornography, homosexuality. Yet, if you look now, the official, or at least implicit, position of the government that all these things are right.”