Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), believes his side will either win or lose at the Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments in cases challenging gay marriage bans in four states, Brown sounded optimistic, saying he was “confident” the high court would uphold the bans.

“We are confident that the Supreme Court has chosen the 6th Circuit case in order to affirm the finding of the appeals court, just as it did in the cases of Windsor v. United States and Sabelius v. Hobby Lobby,” Brown said last week. “We will be watching this case closely and anticipate an eventual victory for the democratic process, religious liberty, and the cherished institution of marriage which forms the very bedrock of our society.”

In a statement issued Tuesday, Brown acknowledged that there's a chance his side could lose at the Supreme Court. In fact, he appeared to be preparing arguments to downplay an eventual defeat.

“I have to tell you that I am totally pumped to finally get our day in court. I think the mainstream media is wrong and it will turn out that we win this case!” Brown said in a blog post.

“I just don't see how Justice Kennedy, likely the swing vote, can distance himself from the strong reasoning he used in the Windsor case where he said that states have historically regulated marriage and the federal government could not substitute its judgment for the decision of a state.”

“I have met some people who are fatalistic and passive in the face of a pending Supreme Court decision, feeling that it's a fait accompli that the US Supreme Court will go against us.”

“Look, maybe in the end we will lose before the courts – I don't think we will but I don't have a crystal ball – but we will never lose marriage because marriage is a universal truth. And regardless, defeatism is a recipe for disaster, a byproduct of the gay 'marriage' lobby's carefully crafted strategic plan: to convince ordinary Americans that the battle is already lost and to give up the fight.”

“It doesn't matter what judges or politicians have to say about the issue,” he added. “There are many other types of relationships that may contribute to human flourishing, but they are not marriage. Only the faithful, monogamous, permanent union of a men and a woman is a marriage. That is the reality of what marriage is, whether the law ultimately recognizes it or not.”