HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps is a married man.

Zepps discussed his recent marriage while interviewing out actor-singer Cheyenne Jackson.

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In congratulating Jackson on his recent nuptials, Zepps said: “I'm in the same boat as well.”

“It was fantastic, it was great,” Zepps said of his wedding. “We did it up in New Hampshire, where my husband's from. Next week I'm going to Australia to do one there, as well.”

On August 21, Sean Joseph Zepps captioned a Twitter photo of himself and Josh Zepps wearing matching ties and smiles: “#TBT to my #wedding celebration! Does five days ago count as a #TBT? God I hope this counts. #MrZepps.”

In his interview with Jackson, Zepps also lamented the lack of marriage equality in his home country of Australia.

“It's always so backward when it comes to that. It's a country that is very secular and very progressive and very pro-gay, but we've just had weirdly conservative governments that have just thrown sand in the cogs for some time,” he said.

The couple lives in New York City.