TIME magazine's latest issue reports on the increasing support for gay marriage in evangelical churches.

The marriage debate for many evangelicals is about the Bible itself, TIME notes: “Evangelical faith prizes the Bible's authority, and that has meant a core commitment to biblical inerrancy – the belief that the words of the Bible are without error.”

Many pastors also fear a backlash.

“As I engage in private conversations with pastors across the country, many admit they have chosen to dig in their heels on homosexuality not as a result of careful study or reflection of the biblical text but out of fear,” said Michael Kimpan, executive director of the Marin Foundation, a non-profit working on bridging the gap between LGBT and faith communities.

TIME devotes much of its story to Eastlake Community Church, an evangelical megachurch in Seattle with six locations that hosted its first gay wedding last month.

Pastor Ryan Meeks, 36, told TIME: “I refuse to go to a church where my friends who are gay are excluded from Communion or a marriage covenant or the beauty of Christian community. It is a move of integrity for me – the message of Jesus was a message of wide inclusivity.”

“Every positive reforming movement in church history is first labeled heresy,” Meeks explained. “Evangelicalism is way behind on this. We have a debt to pay.”