Out actor Daniel Franzese has applauded HBO's Looking for including “bigger gay guys” in the series.

The second season of Looking premiered Sunday.

In its first season, Looking introduced us to three gay men living in San Francisco, America's most gay-friendly city.

Patrick (played by Jonathan Groff) has come to the city to find love. His friends are also looking for something. Dom (Murray Bartlett) is having a mid-life crisis, while Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) struggles with his relationship.

Franzese, who is best known for playing Damian in the film Mean Girls, joins the cast in season 2 as Eddie, a possible romantic interest for newly single Agustin.

“I meet Eddie, who's a bear,” Alvarez said of his character at the show's premiere party in San Francisco. “We strike up a friendship, and a romance develops.”

“Bigger guys sort of get left out of the gay lexicon,” Franzese said. “So, it's nice to see that they're going to show different body types.”