Christian conservative Bryan Fischer last week came to the defense of Kelvin Cochran, the Atlanta fire chief who was fired over anti-gay comments.

In a self-published book titled Who Told You That You Were Naked, Cochran described gays as “unclean.”

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After learning that out city council member Alex Wan had objected to Cochran's book, Fischer told his radio listeners that being gay ought to disqualify people from public office.

“This is one of the reasons why, ladies and gentlemen, I believe being an active homosexual should disqualify you from public office, because it's a form of sexual perversion and remember, we're going to have to choose between the gay agenda and Christianity,” Fischer said. “We can't have both. It's going to have to be one or the other and here's a case in point. An active homosexual gets a copy of the book, on the city council and he says, 'We've got to do something about this.' And he goes on a campaign, on a crusade to get this fire chief fired and he pulled it off.”

He added that “the homosexual agenda is the single greatest threat [to] Christianity, to Christian liberty, to religious liberty and to the First Amendment” that the United States has ever faced.