A state attorney who lost his job over tormenting a gay student can't collect unemployment benefits, the Michigan Appeals Court ruled Friday.

Andrew Shirvell was fired as an assistant attorney general in 2010 for attacking openly gay Chris Armstrong. Armstrong graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011. His involvement in student politics riled Shirvell, an alum of UofM.

Shirvell escalated his attacks after Armstrong became the school's first openly gay student government president. He attacked Armstrong on the Internet, at his home and at university events. At his now private blog Chris Armstrong Watch, he accused the student of preying on impressionable freshman and of being “Satan's representative on the student assembly,” and labeled Armstrong a Nazi, a racist, a liar and an elitist.

According to the AP, the appeals court said that Shirvell's speech was not protected by the First Amendment because it affected government services.

“The department, as the chief law enforcement agency in the state, represents all of the citizens of Michigan irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or creed. … Shirvell's conduct reasonably could have created the impression that neither he nor the department enforced the law in a fair, even-handed manner without bias,” the court said.

Shirvell said that he would appeal the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.

“Every public employee, whether liberal or conservative, will now be in fear of what they're doing on their off hours,” he told the AP.

In a separate action, Armstrong filed a defamation suit and Shirvell was ordered to pay $4.5 million in damages. Shirvell appealed the ruling.