Tori Amos is very smart. She is a gifted composer, mother to 7-year-old Natashya, and a talented performer. Surprisingly, the gay idol thinks that what Perez Hilton does – his backstabbing gossiping – is art. And, in fact, she says he is “scary smart.”

In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Amos was asked if she was a fan of celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton – did she think he worked for the forces of good or evil. To which she replied that he was a “wonderful force.”

“We're acquaintances. We've met. I think he can have a very sharp blade – there's no question about that. And there's a persona there – that's why somebody like that becomes bigger than life by talking about what other people are doing. That is his art form – talking about what other people are doing. Now when you do that, you can't always be complimentary or it's just not sustainable. There is no career there. So if you're one of the sacrifices along the way, it can't feel good. It just can't. But I think that if he weren't doing it somebody else would be doing it. There's always going to be somebody who's commenting on celebrities,” she answered.

In a follow up question, she was asked if she liked Hilton's brand of style. “I think he's funny, but more than that, he's very smart. He's scary smart. And that's why this is occurring – because he's extremely intelligent.”

Amos says her daughter, Natashya, while only 7-years-old, knows all about being gay. “She's very aware that some boys stay with boys forever and marry them. And some girls stay with girls and marry them. And it's the way it is.”

Photo credit: Tori Amos