Christian conservative Linda Harvey rang in 2015 with a warning against “homosexual bullies.”

Harvey, president of the Columbus-based Mission America, told her radio listeners that 2014 was a “year of hidden promise” thanks to the GOP's midterm election victories.

“And there are many hopeful signs for 2015,” Harvey said. “We aren't at the mercy of cowardly Republicans, destructive Democrats, vicious feminists and homosexual bullies. … In many ways, these folks are showing signs of self-destruction.”

“[G]et ready to push back [in 2015]. The loony left does not represent America and their ideas are mostly poison.”

“Think about the heartbreaking impact on children. If you're hesitating to call that school board member or that homosexual-promoting company, remember that our toxic culture is stealing the innocence and dimming the futures of our offspring.”