Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has vowed to campaign “strongly” for a “yes” vote in an upcoming referendum on gay marriage.

Irish voters will decide the question in May.

Kenny previously refused to discuss his personal opinion on whether gays should be allowed to marry, leading many to believe he was opposed.

“Perception is not often reality,” Kenny, the leader of the Fine Gael party, told The Star.

“In respect of the marriage equality issue, I have already indicated that I expect to campaign strongly for a yes vote on that,” he said.

“Fine Gael actually was the first party to deal with civil registration and civil union. We have had that for quite some time here and obviously society has changed and equality of marriage is an issue.”

“[F]rom my point of view, I will be very happy to campaign strongly in favor of the question,” he added.

While a government poll released in 2013 found overwhelming support (73%) for marriage equality, some worry complacency and low voter turnout could work against passage.