Religious leaders in the Dominican Republic have condemned the recent wedding of a gay couple held at the British Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

The embassy announced the marriage on its official Twitter account, posting a photo of two men dressed in dark suits as one slipped a wedding ring on the other's hand. The men's faces were not visible in the photo and their names were not released.

On its website, the British Embassy in Santo Domingo explains that gay British citizens have been allowed to marry in the embassy since June 3, three months after a gay marriage bill approved last year took effect in Britain and Wales.

In a statement, the Dominican Republic said that it will not recognize the marriage.

Miguel Medina, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said Thursday that “our legislation does not recognize this type of marriage.”

Fidel Lorenzo, president of the board of evangelical churches, warned that such weddings “bring a curse to the nation.”

Luis Rosario, coordinator of youth ministry of the Dominican Catholic Church, also criticized the ceremony, telling reporters that this “marriage, quotation marks, is shameless.”