In an op-ed criticizing anti-bullying programs, conservative Gina Miller claims that gay rights activists want to “outlaw Christianity” and “destroy marriage.”

“These people are working like devils to commandeer the minds of young children in the United States, to infuse support and a positive view of homosexual behavior, to regard it as 'normal,'” Miller said in a column in which she criticized Welcoming Schools, the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) anti-bullying school program, and the corporations which help fund the program.

“[T]his evil movement has in its twisted cross-hairs your little children in public schools.”

Miller argued that gay rights activists are targeting Christians. According to her, Christianity is based on having the right to openly discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“We must remember that the very freedoms of American citizens are targets of the radical homosexualists, and specifically, Christianity and its free expression,” she wrote. “As I have said before, the outlawing of Christianity is one of the chief goals of this movement, because Christians are among the very few who are willing to stand in moral opposition to the wicked agenda of the sodomites. Because of that pesky Constitution, they can't yet come right out and outlaw the following of Jesus in the public square, so they are working to accomplish the same thing by using homosexual activists as tools to push for 'non-discrimination' laws and to abolish the meaning of marriage. When they destroy marriage, it will ultimately become illegal to refuse to accommodate the grotesque sodomite parody of marriage in any way. Between that and 'non-discrimination' laws that will make it illegal to, say, take a pass on hiring a man who insists on dressing like a woman, they will effectively outlaw any act of conscientious objection to all aspects of in-your-face sexual perversion. There goes your freedom of conscience and your freedom to live your Christianity openly.”

“These are serious dangers to our free Republic, and while we must resist this hell-born movement, we must also do what we can to shield our children in the public schools from the diabolical indoctrination of these agents of darkness. We can also let the corporate dupes who fund the devilry of the HRC know what we think of their complicity in pumping homosexualist poison into the minds and hearts of our nation's kids.”