Christian conservative Mat Staver has declared state bans on therapies that attempt to change a minor's sexuality from gay to straight “an assault on God almighty.”

Staver's organization, Liberty Counsel, has sued to block bans in California, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

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Staver discussed the litigation during the group's Faith and Freedom radio program, where he said that such bans are part of a “direct assault” on God.

“These whole issues of homosexuality is a direct assault on gender, on family, on marriage,” Staver said. “As a policy matter, if you were to sanction homosexuality in the law, you are sanctioning harmful activity to individuals. It is patently unhealthy, both physically and mentally ... We cannot recreate the natural created order and assume that there are no consequences; there are consequences to children.”

“So Liberty Counsel is involved in these strategic areas, these areas of assault against the family, against gender, against marriage and family; they are an assault against the very foundation of our society, they are an assault against God Almighty and his created order. This is an assault against all of the Judeo-Christian values that we hold near and dear and that's why we must be involved in these cases, we must win these cases.”

Judges have so far been unsympathetic to the group's arguments.